“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” ~Shigeru Miyamoto


Delays are difficult.

I think they bug us more in 2015 because everything feels so fast and instant. I’d like our washing machine to run like our internet. Actually, any internet but ours. We have Wi-Fi troubles at our home and no one seems to know how to help us. It has something to do with how our house in positioned, or the walls. I don’t know, it’s weird and super annoying.

Another incredible annoyance is vertigo! Have you ever suffered from it?

I’ve been dealing with the spins for a few days due to a bad cold I came down with over Spring Break. I have to move slow and hold on to the furniture. If no one knew, they’d think I’ve been drinking wine since Easter, but I can assure you, that’s the last thing I want to think about while trying to keep my head still. The problem with a steady position and a foggy head is that it doesn’t lend itself to efficiency. I feel delayed. Work is in a holding pattern. I stand over my desk watching pending papers blur.

I’m flying over, but can’t land.

As always, in this particular season of life, I’m faced with the choice. Feel agitated? Or take a deep breathe and remember that I am not in control of time. I can take it one step further and consider that the delay might actually protect me from something! I can think of countless times when I was annoyed by a delay in traffic or the family running late to get out the door for an appointment, and then still stewing, we drive past a serious car wreck. I always think, “That could’ve been us if we left when we planned.”

Time has its own pace and process. None of us can master the clock.

Our self-coaching question for today is: What’s my holding pattern protecting me from?

A delay can often serve a greater purpose. We’re just not aware of it while we’re hanging in the air waiting to land. Maybe the right conditions are not in place quite yet. Faster is not always better, although it’s surely a big temptation. But we must remember that forcing something before it’s time could push us right into a storm.

Where are you experiencing a holding pattern? In a relationship? Your finances? Career? Health?

May I suggest you embrace the moment of rest. Keep the head still. Take a breath. Enjoy the nap!


“When God makes a way for us, that way will generally take time.”

Cloud & Townsend



Photo credit: Flickr (Creative Commons)

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