“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” ~Herman Melville


Forgive me for failing to answer the three questions I wrote about finding my “One Thing” in Tuesday’s post. I will do that in a moment, but allow me to say up front that sometimes we must take care of an immediate “One Thing” in our life before jumping into a long term “One Thing”.

For example, I’m so glad I gave myself the gift of time because my spirit clearly nudged me to take care of two nagging issues before I did anything else: My health and finances.

I knew that nothing would fall into place until I made some serious decisions about diet, exercise, and a workable budget for my business and for our family.

Maybe you sense a stirring about your own “One Thing” after reading Tuesday’s post, but remain a bit uncertain. Could it be that there is an immediate “One Thing” that needs to be taken care of first?

It takes 66 days to create a habit.

Do you need to take some time to establish a few key habits in your life, like health for example, before focusing on anything else?

I spent one week in the kitchen learning how to manage our food choices differently. We cut out the crap (for the most part) and are choosing clean, whole foods. The most annoying part of the whole process was that The Teacher lost 20 pounds, me (maybe) 7 pounds! What’s up with that?? But I did manage to lower my cholesterol to a healthy range and I feel fantastic. Can I just encourage us here, ladies, to get our eyes off the scale and focus on how we feel?! And you are beautiful, by the way!

I then spent two weeks on taxes and incorporating a workable budget for my business and personal life. This was not what I’d call a “good time” but the weight off my shoulders is tremendous (Ha! Just doesn’t show up on the scale).

What’s nagging you? What do you need to deal with, but choose to ignore? That should probably be your “One Thing” for right now. The bigger one can come later.

Okay, now for my answers. May they help you in finding your big “One Thing”, but they will also serve as helpful information about the direction Chicks with Choices is pursuing with passion in 2014.

1) What is Kim Galgano’s “One Thing”?

(Side note: there is more to Kim than Chicks with Choices. I am a  wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and more. I fight for priorities and boundaries within these areas of my life, so when I address the “One Thing” here, I’m only referring to the “One Thing” for me in my business.)

I am a creative, speculative, problem-finding artist, not a reductive, algebraic, problem-solving technician.

Let me break that down.

I do a better job finding problems rather than solving problems.

I’m also okay with un-answered discovery. In fact, I find great joy in pointing out problems then handing people over to Jesus because He does a much better job with solutions.

I have discovered that it is the problem-finding artist in me who doesn’t always jive with the ever popular formulaic, fill-in-the-blank bible study. There’s nothing wrong with them and I’ve learned boat loads over the years.

I just believe there are more creative types like me in the world who want to talk about faith in a less structured format.

I am also not impressed with big polished production, but am motivated by intimate authentic community.

Bottom line? Kim Galgano does not want to be another big name, ticket selling, or yearly book popping authority. 

I have no interest in big. I have great interest in real

What is Kim Galgano’s “One Thing”? Authentic Guidance.

2) What is Chicks with Choices’ “One Thing”?

As a problem finder, I believe I’ve found two.

First, the worldwide church does a wonderful job of taking care of their own through various programs, such as women’s bible study. The “church” also ministers to the poor, impoverished and sends missionaries around the world–all great and necessary activities.

But how does it reach the middle class woman next door who won’t come to church or bible study?

Books and blogs help, but are these women getting face to face time with other women in a safe environment where they can discuss faith as it applies to everyday decisions?

This woman is isolated. She lives within us and she lives next door. 

The thousand fibers which knit us together as inhabitants of a uniquely feminine soul are unraveling while we spend more time behind screens.

Second, there is a segment of the female population who have leadership gifts, but feel stifled by pre-formatted bible study where there is little room for her to spread the wings of her unique leadership style and share her own story (all of our stories matter).

The great cause to find the leaders, who will in turn, find the participants, is what lies before Chicks with Choices in an all out war to bring us around the table again.

What is Chicks with Choices’ “One Thing”? CoffeeHouse Chats.

3) How will I define success?

For me, success is not in the number of people I speak to or the number of books I will sell.

Success will be when laughter, fellowship, safety and connection rings throughout the walls of countless coffee shops, wine bars, bistros, patios and living rooms. 

The “One Thing” has never been about me. The “One Thing” has always been about growing authentic community for women.

In a little hospitality room Chicks with Choices was birthed and it is in growing the opportunity for connection where she will dig roots and bloom. 

We are only just beginning (stay tuned for an overhaul on how CoffeeHouse Chats are sold and future training opportunity for leaders)!

CoffeeHouse Chat leadership is about service and outreach, by improving the lives of others and, in turn, improving our world. These organic discussion groups have the potential to become the next big thing. 

Together let’s fight against isolation. Let’s bring women around the table again.

“Women are hungry for safe havens–a place where they can be themselves without judgment, fear of exposure, or betrayal. Unfortunately for some, church has not been this kind of space in their history. Women hunger for spaces of grace, acceptance and understanding. May this be the space we create for them.” ~Kim Galgano on CoffeeHouse Chats

Would love to hear your thoughts on the “One Thing”! You are always encouraged to leave a comment after reading my blogs. I welcome them, because I love to welcome you


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