“Now the wren has gone to roost and the sky is turnin’ gold
And like the sky my soul is also turnin’
Turnin’ from the past, at last and all I’ve left behind” 
~Ray Lamontagne



I must write one last post before I unveil my book cover and make The Chance to Choose available for pre-order. There is a stirring in my spirit that cannot be ignored. I’ve got to write something else, first. If I chose a “sales tactic” and plowed forward, that choice would take me away from all I am and all Jesus leads me to be…

I’ve been in the thick of this anticipatory launch, deep in edits, designs, books on marketing and strategy.

I know it’s necessary, but can I just talk to you first?

Can I please just cry and scream and jump and laugh in anticipation?

No, I’m not going mad. I’m watching the sunrise.

I am gazing at beauty which days past made me weep. It takes a heart made of flesh to do that, which is my main purpose for writing today. When you finally dip into the pages of The Chance to Choose, you will learn who I was before Jesus found me in India. Friends and family will learn things they never knew before. Some may wince and believe I’ve exaggerated. Many others will be relieved because they’ll find themselves in my story. Oh good, I’m not so alone, you may muse.

Just remember: I didn’t reinvent myself. God rebuilt me!

Don’t get confused. We are far too quick to give credit to man’s ability and not to the Creator who moves us to accomplish anything worthy.

Let me be honest, today I am so damn proud of this book. I read it in full (again…) as the designer and I pull the curtain on our business together and I move into print territory! As I read for a final time, before words become permanent (moment of panic), there were instances when I thought, “I couldn’t have formed that sentence! I could not have crafted that thought.”

And the point is…I didn’t!

Please read Ezekiel, chapter 36 today. It’s an incredible chapter of the Bible, particularly verses 24-36. What a picture of grace and the work God chooses to do among nations and within people. He removes hearts of stone and replaces them with hearts of flesh. He rebuilds desolate places. Where there was once disgrace, He fortifies and redeems.

The Chance to Choose is many things. Next week I’ll give you the crafted pitch because our world requires one liners.

But from my raw tenderness to your investigative pulse, this book is about redemption.

We love stories about wreckage carried into victory. Our bleeding world is anemic for restitution. But we go wrong, time and again, on one colossal point:

We elevate man instead of the One who brings anyone out of a pit.

Read Ezekiel 36. The Lord is clear. His language is crystal. He does not rebuild, cultivate, redeem, inhabit, or replant our gardens for our sake.

He replaces hearts of stone with hearts of flesh so that the nations will know that He is Lord!

My entire life story is about to be revealed; wicked ways and evil deeds, naked on paper. Most people box this stuff up and bleach the facade. I’ve laid it all out. My story is heartbreaking as much as it’s encouraging.

But before you read it, please, please, I need a big favor…understand that it is The Lord Jesus Christ who takes the disgraced and builds gardens of grace.

I have a marketing book that says I should speak to your “hot buttons.”

One of the buttons listed is reinventing self. I agree, we’re hungry for this, but it’s not because we haven’t bought the right book. Our lacking is because we know deep down that nothing that wonderful lies within us.

Jesus knows this too…and loves us anyway.

I’m so ready for the raw authenticity in these pages because I’m so tired of watching people struggle to find what isn’t there. Even if we kind of succeed at making ourselves look cool (?), that is nothing compared to what God can do with brokenness if we just trust Him.

Don’t buy my book if your looking for reinvention or the next “How To.” 

Buy The Chance to Choose if you’re confused. Desperate. Lonely. Scarred. Buy it if you don’t know how to make decisions. Buy it if you’ve only been taught religion, but you have no idea who Jesus is. Buy my book if you’ve made 1,000 mistakes and want to relate to another who once plunged herself deep into the dregs and lived there far too long.

Buy my book if you want to feel forgiven.

Buy my book because Jesus waits inside.




Photo credit: Flickr (Creative Commons)