Renew Me

Do you need a bit of pampering and rest? Do you need to restore what was lost? Resume where you left off? Revive what has died? Do you want to bring your true self into being again?

It seems that so many are searching for rest, but what is the secret for finding renewal that will last? While we will talk about exfoliating, lotion, and fragrance, in this package, Kim helps you learn that contentment, peace, and rest are found in more places than the spa.


  • Unearth some items that need to be “exfoliated” from your life in order to walk closer with God.
  • Discover where you’ve always wanted to go, and why, while learning how to shed the extra bags that keep you from getting there.
  • Understand that God was the first original perfumer, and the fragrance He provides is like none other on the market.
  • Learn practical measures to help you remain faithfully engaged in a life of renewal.
  • Leave your season of staleness, and wake up to a vigorous fresh start.