“Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful…” ~Jose N. Harris  


I wish my life, home and calendar looked as clean and free as the first page in a brand new calendar.

Nothing right now feels like a clean piece of paper.

My mind is scattered, I’m left wondering about the New Year and what it will bring. Yet life–with it’s countless, daily decisions–is literally slapping me in the face.

The chaos comes from The Teacher and three teenagers trying to relax on vacation while sprawled out in my work space. Without the activity of school over Christmas break to occupy their time, questions about how each will spend their day come at fast-paced speed. Sleepovers. Outings. Friendships we hope are healthy ones. We are also journeying through unknown territory with our oldest son and a high school graduation that looms closer with unsettled uncertainty about his college future.

As uncertain as each day seems, there is still a sense of peace and certainty that leads to my #1 tip about the choices you face in 2014…

Determine ahead of time what your choices will be!!! 

I can’t stress this enough.

When you know what your decisions will be PRIOR to the situation (as best you can), you limit yourself from making emotional decisions and last minute second guessing (teenagers are experts at finding ways to get their parents to second guess, feel “out of touch”, or feel like they’re the only one saying “no”).

We need to determine these choices not just as parents but as individuals.

Determining our choices ahead of time is the fence around our lives. 

Know how much you will spend. How much you will eat, drink, agree or disagree with, where you will go or not go, who you will spend time with. It is deciding what you will allow yourself to say or not say.

It is living out purposefully your goals, beliefs, and all you know to be true within your unique soul.

It is standing for something, because if we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything. Before I stood for something I made decisions I never dreamed possible in the heat of the moment.

Determine your choices now! Know what you stand for!

How do we do this? We come naked before God. we read His word…daily. We submit to His leading. We humble ourselves. We pray. We wait. We wait some more.

We choose to wait as long as it takes to determine within our deepest space of resolve what we’re going to stand for ahead of time without outside voices that could lead us down the wrong path.

That’s my tip. It doesn’t free us from making hard decisions, but knowing where you stand brings unexplainable peace in the midst of making those decisions.

What would your #1 tip be for the choices you face in 2014?


Photo credit: Flickr (Creative Commons)