“I love running. I’m not into marathons, but I am into avoiding problems at an accelerated rate.”

~Jarod Kintz



I hate having to repeat myself. I told my daughter to move her (two) backpacks from the kitchen floor three times and they were still there in the morning. How do I know? I tripped over them, which was the whole point of moving them in the first place.

Then I remembered that God repeats Himself with me.


What does that look like? Similar messages keep crossing my path or bubble up in my spirit. A song will remind me. Random commercials on television cause me to think of the same issue. Someone I don’t even know will say something about the same topic. I wake up and can’t go back to sleep.

Usually, this is God trying to tell me something.

My choice is whether to listen or lug the thing on my back, much like a backpack full of textbooks.

Perhaps maybe, you’re reading this post because God has been saying something to you? Is it time we take the packs off our back and trip over them enough to face the reality that we’re supposed to pay attention!

It’s tempting to ignore messages we don’t want to hear, but we must remain open to life’s cues that come in various forms. Here are several ways that God might be trying to say something:

1) The same issue keeps appearing again and again. The message is in the repetition.

2) You don’t have peace. The message is in the turmoil.

3) The same theme is showing up in various locations. The message is in an ability to connect random dots to one theme.

4) You are making excuses . The message is in a stubborn attitude.

5) The door keeps closing. The message is in change or maybe a better option.

Your self-coaching question for this week is, what has God been trying to tell you lately? And more importantly, what do you need to do as a result of that message?

Please let me close with a word of understanding. Sometimes this question is extremely difficult to face. But if I can offer encouragement, I will tell you that to live on the side of avoidance is MUCH harder than facing and dealing with what God is trying to tell you.

“Character is doing what you don’t want to do but know you should do.” ~Joyce Meyer


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