The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory. That’s the essence of it.
― Vince Lombardi Jr.


Thank you for your patience while I have been on a long voyage of prayer, and evaluation. I’ve been knocked around and battered by the rough current toward rediscovery, but I’m back. As the creator of The Jeremiah Method™ (introduced in my book), I have found myself returning to the beginning of the cyclical process that the Method expresses. This circular opportunity to recheck where I’ve been and where I’m going is one of my favorite attractions toward The Jeremiah Method™, and God Himself.

In His love and grace, God is always inviting us to “Stand and Look” (Step 1 of the Method), re-evaluate our habits (Step 2), and if we’ve lost our footing He never fails to encourage us toward “The Good Way” (Step 3). Eventually, we are asked to get up and walk (Step 4) in His revealed will for our unique path, because only when we make the choice to get back on shore and take action do we experience deep rest for the soul (Step 5). But God’s mysterious plan does not reside in time and space. He hasn’t set an alarm clock like I tend to do. God doesn’t rush. So, although this excursion took much longer than I anticipated, He has brought me back with fresh vigor, purpose, and direction.

I am pleased to finally announce three major changes/additions to my business:

1) New Website

Through 20+ years of development and service, it is time to highlight my name, followed by the products I have created. Therefore, my new website focuses on Kim Galgano as speaker, author, and creator of Chicks with Choices™, The Jeremiah Method™, and CoffeeHouse Chats™. My personal tagline and professional focus is: Helping You Find Direction in the Chaos.

For detailed information and a fresh new look, please visit

Please note: Now that Chicks with Choices is a product my business offers (see next announcement), I will refer to, however, I still own the domain and there will be access to my website from that URL. But this redirect will take another day or so.

2) Professional Coaching

I am pleased to announce a brand new service to my business: Decision Based Life Coaching. Without realizing it until now, through thousands of different formats, and experiences, I have been coaching women for over 20 years. At the very heart and core, this is what Chicks with Choices™ is all about.

For detailed information on my qualification, coaching philosophy, and rates, please visit the Chicks with Choices page on my new website. Although, this is my first formal announcement about my coaching practice, I have already begun taking clients, and look forward to working with anyone who is ready to uncover her unique path with focused direction and purpose. Be sure to view my newest video which offers a personal narrative on my new coaching practice.

Please note: You will not find specific reference to CoffeeHouse Chats™ on my new website quite yet. This product continues to evolve, but I am happy to share that CoffeeHouse Chats™ will return to its original impact, and that is: Group Coaching. I, personally, have not led a CoffeeHouse Chat™ since 2010, but am called back to resume where I left off, which is coaching discussion based groups myself. The intent and focus has not changed: To provide safe havens for face-to-face connections, while women wrestle with faith and everyday decisions, without fear of exposure or judgment. What I failed to recognize, as I worked to grow new leaders in order to have a wider impact, was that group coaching is a skill and gift. I am not giving up on my global vision for CoffeeHouse Chats™ leadership, but I must first scale back and continue the artistry of group coaching. I will advise you when/where my first CoffeeHouse Chats™ begin.

3) Steps to Successful Decision Making: A Productivity Seminar featuring The Jeremiah Method™ 

Just over one year ago, I launched my first book, The Chance to Choose. As much as this accomplishment thrills me, everyday since then it is evident that God has much more in mind for The Jeremiah Method™ (the five step decision making formula introduced in my book).

Now that my new website and decision based coaching is off the ground, I will be spending any available time creating a seminar that features The Jeremiah Method™ as a resource to assist us in successful decision making. The goal and purpose of these seminars will be to teach productivity skills, and enhance the Biblical guidance found in Jeremiah 6:16, along with many other scriptural references promoting direction and purpose for our professional and personal life. I am anticipating with excitement this seminar development, because as I continue to read and meditate on scripture it is clear that there is endless potential for expanding on the basic concept behind this decision-making method.

In conclusion, what has eight months (yeah, it’s been that long!) out at sea taught me?

  • The realization of our dreams will take much longer than we ever imagine when we begin the dare to dream them.
  • The realization of our dreams will feel like devastating, gut-wrenching disappointments and that we are the biggest failures in the pursuit of them, which is the healthiest place to pick up and begin again.
  • The realization of our dreams will take us down roads we don’t always intend to go, but our Savior is still at the end of every winding path if we are intent on looking for Him.
  • The realization of our dreams will most likely not be someone else’s dream, so we are wise to stop and notice who is around us and pause long enough (and frequent enough) to foster those relationships that live outside of our dreams.
  • The realization of our dreams are mere grains of sand in comparison to the eternal glory we will once live with Jesus. Any dream, goal, or effort that steers us counter to this everlasting reality is a total waste of time.

All thanks and glory to God, who didn’t let me go while I spent countless days floating in uncertainty and contemplation, wondering if there was a future in the dream He seemed to give me over two decades ago. No, I’m not where I thought I’d be when I began, but I never could have crafted a journey more miraculous.

It’s good to be back. Thanks for reading, but there’s so much more on the pages of my new site. Be sure to explore: