Dudes with Decisions

We’ve been in a blog series for just over two weeks now called Dudes with Decisions. My guest bloggers (Ryan, Joe, Brian, David, Jon, Richard) have been fantastic, informative, helpful, and inspiring and I know the remaining three are going to wrap this series up perfectly.

But only one man deserves the limelight today… Valentine’s… 

The Teacher!

He’s never written for me. In all these years you’ve never heard from his voice. From his perspective. It’s a special day (and it just happens to be his birthday too! Happy Birthday, baby ;))

I read these directions recently on how to literally handle a chicken, “Handling chickens is an art, and practice makes perfect! The key is finding the balance between being gentle and letting them know that no matter how much they wriggle or squirm, they’re not getting away.”

The Teacher is a great Chick holder and he’s had lots of practice (learn more about The Teacher here)!

So happy you have the privilege of hearing from this one-of-a-kind man. May The Teacher teach you…

How to Take Care of a Chick

By: Adam Galgano

Wow! What an honor to write on my wife’s blog.  I have to say after reading her blogs through the years and now reading her guest blogs….I’m a bit intimidated.  But I’m honored just the same and would really like to share how the Lord continues to teach me about being a husband.

I vividly remember going to our first marriage seminar 15 years ago (Family Life Conference) and hearing the speaker explain that God brought my wife to me.  It struck me at that moment that Kim was God’s gift to me.  He perfectly selected her.  That has helped me be intentional about focusing on all the things I loved about her, and letting her know.  So often I hear men speaking negatively about their spouse and I want to say, “Stop. Don’t you know your wife is a beautiful gift to you?  Show some mercy!” I’m a big believer in demonstrating the ministry of mercy to your wife; just like we would like.

God has also taught me about creating an atmosphere of security and trust. I hope my wife will always have the freedom to share her heart with me. Not just about what is weighing heavy on her, but that she has my permission to speak freely into my life as well.  So often I hear the stories of guys who didn’t see the divorce coming. We can’t allow things to fester inside for years. Deal with each brick as they come before a wall is erected.

Men, let your wife know that you value her input even if you may have to swallow your pride. What I have found is that my wife loves me dearly and only wants what’s best for me. I would be a fool to not pay attention to her advice about anything. I also know for a fact that my wife loves when I seek her advice and ask for her opinion about a problem I may be having with work or the kids.  I will say, I have not had the best luck making wardrobe suggestions to my wife……..that’s a tricky one…….

This takes time….lots of prayer and time.  We are going on 22 years of marriage and I feel I am just scratching the surface.

Be a student of your wife. Yes, a student. And you want to ace this test. I bought a spiral notebook and called it Kimology 101.  I still do it to this day. Always on the lookout for that next entry, “I love a fire, blanket, and a book”.  Write it down.  “I love when the kitchen countertop is wiped down and the microwave is clean.”  Write it down.  “I sure wish these knives were sharper.” and on and on we go.  I found that Christmas is much easier when I have been paying attention to my wife’s words.

Finally, many of you probably have kids in the home as well.  One prayer I have for my children is that they would be blessed enough to grow up in a home where they saw their Mom get truly loved and cherished by their Dad.   I want them to visually see what it looks like for a husband and wife to live in harmony, in Christ.

God Bless you for reading and I hope that you have been encouraged to live with your wife in an understanding way; to take your wife’s burdens and lighten them.  To be a student of your wife, and finally to ask God to show your how you can create a beautiful safe environment for your wife to share her heart with you…..and vise versa.

Thank you, God for this Chick. Give me the hands to continue holding her just the right way. She needs to fly, but she is also never getting away…


Adam (The Teacher)