Hope is Here!

Do you want to feel hopeful, but more often you feel hopeless? In what did you once find hope? Have you lost an ability to share hopeful thoughts with another?

Often times, hope doesn’t feel like it lives close by. You wouldn’t describe hope as “here”, but something “way over there.” What feels “here” is despair. Loneliness. Doubt. Confusion. Based off of I Peter 1:3-5, this package helps usher you from the outside of hopeless isolation, to the inside of hopeful encounters with God and others. You will re-discover how the feeling of anticipation for a new morning can carry you well into the wholeness of a full life.


  • Discover what hope is not.
  • Learn the difference between normal hope and Biblical hope.
  • Understand how circumstances rob your hope, and how to steal it back.
  • Examine how feelings, expectations, and desires influence your levels of hope.
  • Find the perseverance needed to fight for hope.