Garlands of Grace

Tired of going through the motions? Do you feel as though your heart has grown smaller with fruitless effort, instead of larger with God’s love? Why does the Christian life seem as though we’re all jumping through hoops?

Considered to be one of the most ancient crafts, originally, garlands were known to connect the maker with everlasting life. Research reveals, however, that by ancient Roman times these organic rings began to represent importance; something you had to earn. Our journey with God can be guilty of this same pattern.

Kim has developed an in-depth package (ideal for a full weekend) that takes you on a passionate journey toward grace. Thrown into the Hindu culture, Kim faced grace as she encountered Jesus in the midst of India, but it didn’t take long to become ingrained in the “culture” of church where she mimicked good Christian behavior. The result? A fall from grace while trying to find a path that was acceptable to God. Join her in the authentic story of how as she eventually came full circle… back into the arms of God’s grace.


  • Discover the unhealthy patterns that tempt you toward striving for significance and acceptance.
  • Understand the misconceptions about grace that you’ve believed for years.
  • Learn how to free yourself from legalism and discover total freedom in Jesus Christ.
  • Uncover places where you’ve denied grace in your life.
  • Fully recognize in fresh and vibrant understanding that God’s grace is sufficient for all our needs.