“Women are hungry for safe havens, a place where they can be themselves without judgment, fear of exposure, or betrayal. Unfortunately for some, church has not been that kind of space in their history. Women hunger for spaces of grace, acceptance and understanding.” ~ Kim Galgano

This is what I wish for you as you embark on your journey to join a CoffeeHouse Chat™. Your experience is meant to be 90 minutes of time just for you; a safe place to uncover what often gets lost in the stress of everyday life.

These pre-formatted, guided topical discussion groups are ideal for any woman wanting to explore every day struggles as they relate to faith. Even though my curriculum is faith/scripture based, my approach is different from the typical church Bible study. I weave the ideas of faith into real life, and every day struggles in an authentic discussion based format.

Want to attend a CoffeeHouse Chat™ being held in your area?

All you need to do is purchase your Participant’s Guidebook here and enjoy!

Interested in attending a CoffeeHouse Chat™ but have not found one to attend in your area?

1) Do not hesitate to prayerfully consider starting your own CoffeeHouse Chat™! All of the leader information can be found here.

2) If that feels too formal for you, how about gathering a group of your friends or neighbors together to go through the Participant Guidebooks together? Just be aware that there is a lot of extra information, quotes, scriptures and stories within the Leader Guide that would be missing from this simpler experience. That being said, I have no doubt that the discussion questions included in the Participant Guidebook would offer plenty of inspiration for a wonderful discussion group.

3) Spread the word about CoffeeHouse Chats™ among your circle of acquaintances. There might be a “leader” out there who would be happy to start a chat, she just doesn’t know about it yet!