Build it and they will come!

This statement rings true because starting a CoffeeHouse Chat™ will require faith for you as a leader of these groups. You may already have a group of women in mind, but don’t dismiss the idea that women you never met will be greatly influenced by you as a leader. I applaud you for making the choice to investigate what CoffeeHouse Chats™ are about. Please understand that by gathering information you are not committing yourself just yet, but I have no doubt that you have been led to CoffeeHouse Chats™ for a reason.

These pre-formatted, guided topical discussion groups are ideal for any woman wanting to explore everyday struggles as they relate to faith. Even though my curriculum is faith/scripture based, my approach is different from the typical church Bible study. I weave the ideas of faith into real life, and every day struggles in an authentic discussion based format. Over the past 7 years, the typical woman who attends is non-church going and wrestling with her struggles in isolation.

CoffeeHouse Chats™ are not meant to compete with any church based ministry. They are an opportunity to reach a community of women who are presently untapped by the traditional efforts of the church as a whole.

Are you currently a part of a book club, Mom’s Club, or just have a group of neighbors or long time friends you’d like to reach out to? Start a group these women! Do you have a heart for the community of women who surround you; women who often find themselves isolated and lonely? Another option is to open a CoffeeHouse Chat™ where you simply set the date, time and location and watch how women who desperately need connection show up.

CoffeeHouse Chats™ can be held anywhere! Start yours at a coffee shop or restaurant (one’s with a private area are ideal) or in a home, community center or church foyer. Then again, a nice hike outside on a beautiful day sounds perfect too. Don’t limit the possibilities. Build it and they will come!

My team and I have created everything you need to build your own CoffeeHouse Chat™. To the right is a list of options you have as a leader. But never hesitate to call us! We would love to chat with you anytime! If you are interested in getting started on your own CoffeeHouse Chat™, you have 2 options: Go directly to PayPal or you can contact us and we will be happy to get you started.