Bring CoffeeHouse Chats™ directly to your living room! These pre-formatted, guided topical sessions are ideal for any woman wanting to explore every day struggles as they relate to faith. Even though my curriculum is faith/scripture based, my approach is different from the typical church Bible study. I weave the ideas of faith into real life and every day struggles.

I would encourage participating in a group experience to get the most out of each of the below sessions. Information about leading a group can be found here or participating in a group can be found here. But I am fully aware of our modern lack of time! The possibilities for downloading individual sessions could include:

1) Bringing a group of friends or neighbors into to your home for a “themed” gathering. Maybe you want to just have a gathering to talk about friendship or parenting. Individual sessions on these subjects will assist you in a guided evening together.

2) You are interested in several of the below listed subjects but only have time (or energy) for individual study. Each session provides questions, stories and tips that can be used for self reflection and personal development.