“Women are hungry for safe havens-a place where they can be themselves without judgment, fear of exposure, or betrayal. Unfortunately for some, church has not been that kind of space in their history. Women hunger for spaces of grace, acceptance and understanding. May this be the space we create for them.” Kim Galgano

I have met many women over the years since founding Chicks with Choices™ in 2005, most of who are walking through life in quiet uncertainty. It is this woman (found in all of us) my heart beats for as I work to create spaces for her to discover all she was created to be.

Little did I know when my first discussion group formed in 2005 that the concept of relaxed, authentic gatherings created for women from all walks of life to talk about faith and Jesus in a non-religious tone would grow into this new vision; building, providing curriculum and training new leaders. The growing potential for CoffeeHouse Chats™ is global!

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Kim has created a set of biblically God based Chats based on choices that women face every day!

But it is not your typical Bible study.

We have done the hard work with all of the materials you will need.