“Honestly, my life is so busy that I am tempted to put off my weekly coaching sessions with Kim. Prior to every conversation I think, “There are so many other things I could be doing. How is this really going to help me?” Each and every time, however, I witness the value behind the focus, direction, and motivation Kim offers. My life is benefiting from this choice I’ve made for myself.”


Life coaching is an investment in yourself, but as women we often choose ourselves last, right? Maybe it’s time to make a different decision! With personal, one on one coaching, learn to make God-honoring decisions which bring balance to your life, while taking positive actions that achieve the results you desire! My tested Method is flexibly incorporated into your life decisions to assist in uncovering the unique path you were meant to live. Whether you’re facing a specific decision or just feel like you need general guidance, our relationship will develop in a way that best supports you. I will hold you accountable to a plan that is manageable, but flexible enough to help uncover your unique path. I do not solve your problems, but guide you into discovering solutions that produce rest for your soul. I listen with intentionality and 100% confidentiality.

“Kim came to me for advice on whether she should obtain certification as a professional coach. Her concern came from what I’ve always sensed about Kim—ultimately she wants the best for her clients. I assured her that her time-tested expertise comes from her long history of meeting with women. She has been coaching other toward better decisions for over 20 years! She has also honed, tested, and developed a unique coaching model in The Jeremiah Method ™, which, as a professional, I regularly refer to in my own counseling practice. Kim doesn’t need a title next to her name. She’s been living her title for decades.”

Jessica Weis, LMHC

“One of the hardest decisions a mother can face is whether to work outside of the home, or stay home with her children. Being the primary breadwinner, but also a new mom to our second child, Kim walked with me through a difficult journey. It was a decision full of stress, guilt, and outside pressure, but Kim patiently helped me look fully at the decision my husband and I needed to face with patience and without judgment. Kim has developed a formula that incorporates prayer, grace, friendship, and love to make hard choices, and life changing decisions.”



“Kim is a natural coach and facilitator. She is warm, authentic and intuitive. She listens deeply, asks thoughtful questions, and drew out the things that were making me feel stuck. She helped me make a shift in the way I think and helped me identify habits that were no longer working for me, guiding me through crucial decision making. I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Kim.”


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