Do you feel a general sense of confusion about your choices?

Ask yourself: Does the uncertainty link back to social media influence?

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Today’s coaching tip will come by way of my own personal story. Many of my readers won’t relate to this journey directly, but my gut tells me that the underlying idea behind what I’m about to share is relatable.

This begins with a confession. I have been struggling with something for a very long time-at least six years, if not more.

The toil is marketing.

My brand has morphed in so many ways over the past fifteen years, beginning primarily as “Chicks with Choices.” That catchy phrase now umbrellas my personal coaching program, which is just one of the several products I offer. Regardless of each, everything links back to me.

I am my brand.

To “sell self” feels utterly ridiculous. Also, as someone who values authenticity above most things, marketing to you, my reader and fellow sojourner to become better decision makers, feels disingenuous.

I share this story today without an answer to the battle. I’ve tried so many things, granted, not consistently enough, but with effort, nonetheless. Honestly, most of this “online presence” feels contrived, overdone, tired, and stupid. I realize I’m not doing myself any favors right now, but I’m slowly dying behind this screen. I plan and tweak, read and adjust, but nothing feels very natural. My last real marketing attempt was an effort to package my best one liners (personal quotes) over cool backgrounds. The hope was that those quotes get shared and then the brand spreads, but I’ve decided I’m two year too late for that. We’ve seen enough already. Then there’s facebook live. I’m sorry, not gonna happen. I just think it’s weird. Sure, it’s trendy and may serve me well, but that is my whole point in writing today.

I return to the opening questions:

Do you feel a general sense of confusion over your choices?

For me: Yes-I personally feel a general sense of confusion over my (marketing) choices. I just shared two examples out of hundreds to try.

Ask yourself: Does the uncertainty link back to social media influences?

For me: Yes-I feel constant pressure to keep up, trend with, and compare how. My focus is off. The Holy Spirit is choking within my bones. Creativity suffocates.

What might this look like in your own life? It may not be in the area of marketing, but where do you feel pressure to:

~Keep up

~Trend with

~Compare how

Might Jesus reword Matthew 6:25-27 if he walked physically among us today?

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear (or about your profile, what you will post). Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes (and your image more than a photo)? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying (posting, commenting, or tweeting) add a single hour to your life?

Please, I give you permission to step back and quiet the madness! Every time I’m in this position I go back to The Jeremiah Method, which teaches me to first Stand. We must first stop, be still, breathe, and look around. Am I falling back on old habits? Am I just choosing what everyone else wants me to choose? Are the decisions I’m making God’s best for my life? Do I have rest in my soul? All this is in my book. If you relate, re-read it, or order your copy here.

Do you need coaching? I have been experiencing unspeakable joy over the life changes happening with all my clients-weight loss, career adjustments, big family decisions moving from hope to actual change, deeper connections with God. It’s mind blowing and it’s all God. He’s just acting where I’m working and it’s not part of a sales pitch. Getting out, meeting women, speaking to groups is where marketing happens naturally for me. Yet, to extend my passion to a wider audience, marketing must be a part of the picture.

I do feel better, now that I’ve shared my burden with you. Like I said, answers elude me. I have notebooks full of tips, but the page saved for implementation is blank at the moment. I must stop, stand, pray, and consider. The most recent advise, provided by a marketing expert, is to simply share my life more fully through photos. Just every day stuff that my family and I share together, while I connect the image somehow with decision making. I’m starting to browse this idea and possibly warming up to the possibilities, but, really?

No, like, really?

I ask in all seriousness… Do you want to enter my fairly boring life in this way? I pay a lot of bills, manage two unrelated businesses, substitute teach, clean toilets, load the dishwasher, and fold clothes. Stuff like that. I know many people who really like this kind of invitation into another’s life. Do you?

I’d appreciate your feedback, while I ponder and pray. Ultimately, I only do what I do for you. At least I try. I believe, more than I ever have before, that our choices really matter. This brand, message, passion counts in God’s bigger purpose. How to implement it most effectively is hard, though. The struggle is real. I’d appreciate your prayers. And in return, I pray for you. Don’t let an online world suck up who you are. Keep it real. Be you. I’ll try to do the same.

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