Jeremiah method


As I consider today’s coaching tip, unfortunately, the opposite is often more true for me. The scale tips towards a deprivation mentality when I’m being really honest.

Here are a few simple examples:

~Instead of serving the strawberries fresh at their peak, I go for the apple because they were less expensive.

~Instead of getting out the fine china for a weeknight meal, I save them for special occasions only.

~Instead of choosing my all-time favorite outfit today, I pick the more practical shirt.

~Instead of throwing my arms wildly around my daughter in abandoned love, I ask her absently how her day was.

~Instead of writing in my most beautiful journal, I open the tattered one because then my inconsistent entries won’t matter as much.

~Instead of calling my friend for no reason at all, I wait until I have something more important to say.

~Instead of drawing a luxurious bath, I jump in and out of the shower.

~Instead of taking one active step closer to fulfilling my God-given dreams, I scrub the toilet and fold clothes.

The sad truth is that I often choose the mentality that competes or strives for scarcity when abundance is all around me.I have made the lesser choice, which is focusing on what I cannot have, instead of recognizing all that I can have…

Abundance in love, opportunity, decision making, wisdom, and creativity.

What is your biggest difficulty right now?

Might the very root of the problem stem from a deprivation mentality?

Below are a few key adjustments we can make to bring an abundance mentality to our life:

  1. Share words of encouragement to those around you. It fuels everyone!
  2. Create a positive environment, even when everyone else is chooses a negative attitude.
  3. Keep your eyes wide open for opportunity. Flip the challenge on its head.
  4. Remind yourself that there is enough pie to go around, even if someone take a big slice.
  5. Choose the company you keep wisely. Limiting attitudes are contagious (so is abundance).
  6. Give out in bucketfuls what you yourself want. Another way to say that: We will reap what we sow.
  7. Spend time in reflection and prayer. We are blind until we stop and let our abundant Father point out where we have chosen less than His gift of daily blessing.