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Life is wonderfully cyclical, and so is The Jeremiah Method™, which I infuse into my coaching sessions. Following is a simplified version of how this is accomplished:


Step 1: Stand and Look

Stand- The power of commitment is the accelerator of success. Making the choice to stand in the process of achieving your goals, through regular coaching sessions, is a crucial first-step. Look- Life Coaching is designed to address all areas of your life, so it will be necessary from the start to take a good look at what contributes or takes away from your wholeness. What is out of whack in your life?

Step 2: Ask for the Ancient Paths

We underperform because there is a conflict between our desires and our value system. Some values are essential, others are limiting. This step will help you identify limiting beliefs and where they came from. We will work together as you make personal decisions on which beliefs are worth keeping, and which ones are holding you back from experiencing freedom and success.

Special note: I will help you understand how certain beliefs are formed, and consequently impact your progress toward desired goals, but Life Coaching is about results which focus on the future, not limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in the past. I will recommend counseling or therapy if limiting beliefs are significantly blocking you from achieving results.

Step 3: Ask for the Good Way

This is where my Coaching Method stands apart from the mainstream. Many popular coaching techniques believe that life coaching is about removing obstructions that keep clients from finding results, while not adding any new ones. Secular, mainstream life coaching prom believe the client has all the resources within themselves to solve their own problems. Because of the Gospel, along with 25+ years of Biblical study, I completely disagree with this notion.

I recognize from my own flawed nature, along with humankind surrounding me, that we cannot find the answer to our success within ourselves. We need God to help us. There is a Good Way—the best way—that can produce freedom like none we can realize in our finite humanness. I do, however, agree that religion (man-made version of God) brings a tremendous load of limiting beliefs. There will be much to unravel in this Step. I also agree that “religious people” have been too busy providing solutions for other people’s problems. I will only guide toward the Good Way, while trusting God with my clients. He is the One to provide the answers that will catapult you into a results based future.

Step 4: Walk in It

Again, life coaching is all about achieving desired results. Step 4 is all about action and, therefore, where we will spend the majority of our time.

Step 5: Find Rest for Your Soul

This is the ultimate, desired outcome. Through the client’s power of commitment (determined in Step 1-Stand), the results from this cyclical, holistic approach will be beneficial and measurable, producing an inner peace you never thought possible.

I look forward to partnering with you in this empowering, gospel centered approach to Professional Coaching. You can begin today by making the choice to change what has been holding you back from becoming all you were created to be! If you are interested in coaching with me, please email me using the link.

“…She listens deeply, asks thoughtful questions, and drew out the things that were making me feel stuck. She helped me make a shift in the way I think and helped me identify habits that were no longer working for me, guiding me through crucial decision making…”

I can't wait to connect with you!

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