Before I begin today’s blog post, I’d just like to thank all the women (and men) who stopped by to have a conversation with me at the Northwest Women’s Show this weekend. Meeting people, signing books, and learning about your life is a true blessing to me.

I don’t deserve it, but I love it!

We could say the late afternoon workers in Jesus’ parable of The Workers in the Vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16), didn’t deserve anything either. If you don’t know the parable, it’d be like your co-worker getting paid the same salary as you at the end of the month (but they joined the corporate team yesterday, while you’ve been with the company for twenty years).

We covet what God chooses to give to others.

That’s really the bottom line message in this story. The landowner had the gift of free choice to give whatever he chose as payment for his workers, regardless of how many hours they worked.

This parable was in my face this weekend as I served along other authors. One in particular is a lovely woman with an incredible story of miraculous healing from a brain tumor. Her book just released and she’s overwhelmed with the stress of opportunity awaiting her–radio, television, big companies interested in telling her story.

She hasn’t been on a decade long journey like I have (although that thought is laughable because I was never packed in ice to save my life). But the idea crossed my mind that she hasn’t worked as long as I have.

Honestly, the temptation is to think this is unfair. Why the toil here, Lord, and the instant attention there?

The answer isn’t always fun, but the answer is easy. God can do whatever He pleases!!

I don’t deserve anything. And this is the scandal of our faith. In our sinfulness we are often covetous and jealous when God’s gifts of generosity and life are given to others in equal or seemingly greater measure. There is something deep within us that doesn’t like the serial killer receiving God’s mercy hours before the chair, or the crook on the cross vertical to our Savior who finds eternal life in the last hour.

I purposely used the word “deserve” in my title because I still whisper that thought on occasion. I deserve this. What’s interesting is that I never mumble the word entitled. That’s taboo. That’s a hot topic. We pin that phrase on a generation of teens.

But aren’t they one in the same? I’d like to think I don’t feel entitled, but my hand is up. I’m guilty.

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