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Kim Galgano is dedicated to help you find direction in the chaos as the creator of Chicks with Choices ™, CoffeeHouse Chats™ and the founder of The Jeremiah Method.™

  • Live a productive and purposeful life by bringing awareness to daily choice.
  • Learn how to uniquely blend intangible faith with concrete, everyday decisions.
  • Recognize that some habits are thoughtlessly adopted from our families and/or culture, but don’t propel us toward the life we were meant to live.
  • Avoid the mental clutter of online interaction and social media, which bring anxiety.
  • Develop face-face community building that promotes understanding and inner peace.

Kim knows what it feels like to experience confusion and doubt when it comes to decision making, but she has learned the power of persevering past old habits with an understanding that our choices really do matter. God has given us the gift of choice, which offers countless opportunities to take our life back with direction and purpose. Despite her early decision making failures, Kim has made it her life mission to help others change the trajectory of their choices by learning how to uncover their uniquely, God-appointed, path in life.

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