After weeks of prayer, research, and strategic deliberation, I have made several decisions about the social media/marketing plan I can live with, but also one that will benefit my readers. The questions answered in this post are:


Which Social Media sites will I focus on?

*What type of content will I offer?

*When will I post?


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I should begin by informing the unaware that a “Facebook Page” is quite different from a personal Facebook profile. Facebook (the company) keeps a tight leash on “Facebook Pages” because they are generally business focused. Facebook wants businesses paying for visibility. This makes sense, but can be frustrating when my purposes for Facebook are to offer content, tips, and resources for healthy, productive decision making. There are times that I do pay to increase a post’s visibility, but not regularly. Therefore (and this is pretty important), if Facebook is your primary means for connection with me you will want to frequently “like”, “comment”, and/or “share” my posts, otherwise, my content will not appear in your feed. I am so very thankful for the roughly 1,000 Facebook followers who have stuck with me for a very long time, but I also fear that these same followers rarely see my content.

What type of content will I offer on my Facebook Page?

I will say, my Facebook Page audience has been the trickiest to figure out over the years. You are faithful, but not very interactive. As I look back over our history, blog posts and helpful articles related to my brand seem to generate the most interest. This is where I choose to focus. My blogs will continue with inspirational story (Sunday Reflection), and coaching tips to assist in every day choices (Wednesday Action).

The articles I share will also supplement my coaching tips for decision making, but varied in content. The articles I plan to share will cover topics such as: Faith, Productivity, Motivation, Relationships, Education, Business, and Current Events. I am happy to have discovered a new app that will help me read these various articles, all from one place, making my life much easier. To find out more about Feedly, click HERE.

There is one untapped area that I have never tried before, however, but I’ve decided to give it a shot this fall.

Some of you may know that I have begun writing a second book. I am in the early stages, but finally have the blueprint which has eluded me for years. Without giving too much away, the focus of the book will examine how women can crack the elusive mystery on how to balance self-sacrifice with self-care. Because this will also be a non-fiction resource for women, I will need to conduct important research. What better place to discover this than you, my followers?

In order for this to work, I will really need your comments and shares.

I’m looking forward to the journey, but will need reader participation in order for this to happen. Thank you in advance for your wisdom, insight, and honesty with the struggle we all face in this area of our lives.

When will I post on my Facebook Page?

Sunday: Each Sunday morning I plan to alternate between inspirational blog posts (Sunday Reflection) and the research related questions mentioned above.

Wednesday: Each Wednesday afternoon I plan to alternate between coaching tip blogs (Wednesday Action) and brand related articles.

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Note: Occasionally I may post a personal, family related photo/story, but for more of this type of connection with me see the next category-Instagram.




My purpose for Instagram is primarily for brand awareness, therefore, my posts will link back to every day choices and coaching tips. I will, however, use a more informal, random approach, sharing more about my family and a variety of decisions I make personally.

What type of content will I offer on my Instagram Page?

Photos-that’s its purpose. What I want to avoid is portraying something I’m not with carefully crafted photography that doesn’t honestly reflect my life. This might prove difficult, because I understand the pull toward image and why users go to Instagram. I don’t plan to throw up shoddy, purposeless photos, so in an attempt to keep it real, written content connected with chosen photos will matter for me.

When will I post on my Instagram Page?

Random-I choose not to be tied to a strict plan with this social media decision. As the Spirit moves me…

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Unfortunately, I simply don’t have the bandwidth to maintain Twitter like the other listed sites, at least for the time being. I do plan, however to link any post that goes on Facebook or Instagram to Twitter. I apologize in advance, and do hope to add a strategic plan to Twitter in the future.

You are still welcome to join me on my Twitter page by clicking HERE.




Ironically, research drove me straight toward Pinterest, my least maintained platform of all. For far too long I have ignored the over 80% female population who live on Pinterest, but this fall I choose to change that. Here is where my most thought out social media marketing plan will play out.

What type of content will I offer on my Pinterest Page?

I wouldn’t say I’ve caved, but I have finally succumbed to the fact that some people want to know what kind of choices I make. In other words, I’ve always focused on the tools of decision making, assuming you could care less about what I eat. Maybe this has been my biggest mistake. Don’t worry, I’m not going to load my Facebook or Instagram page with photos of Monday morning breakfast decisions, but I am choosing to include personal life decisions through Pinterest. I will share preferences on food, home life (decor, organization, parenting), fashion, and family fun. Pinterest is also where you can find my favorite inspirational quotes, along with original quotes from my own voice. If you like sharing that sort of thing on other social media sights, find those boards and share away!

When will I post on my Pinterest Page?

Sunday: Inspirational quotes (#choiceinspiration)

Monday: Healthy Food Choices (#choicefood)

Tuesday: Anything Home (#choicehome)

Wednesday: Coaching Advice (#choicecoaching)

Thursday: Favorite Fashion Picks (#choicefashion)

Friday: Family Fun Options (#choicefamilyfun)

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I hope you find the above content overview and schedule helpful. I will do my very best to adhere to this plan as closely as possible. I will, however, allow life to happen. What do I mean by that? If you have followed, or read my content for any amount of time you know that my true passion is to see people up and away from their screens, choosing to live their own life, rather than watching others choose theirs. This is the biggest conundrum I find myself in as I make my own marketing decisions. I DO NOT want to be the person who misses what is right in front of me while my face is in a screen.

If I have to make a decision between crafting an online post, or being present with someone right in front of me, I will choose real life before a virtual one.

And in the process, I pray you will too.

Thanks for reading,