“Always remember there are two kinds of people in this world–the realists and the dreamers. The realists know where they’re going. The dreamers have already been there.” Robert Orben

I had the craziest revelation on an afternoon walk yesterday.

I had to force myself into the walk because there was too much work to be done, writing this blog one of them, but I couldn’t shake the pull to get outside. I knew God had some speaking to do. He usually says stuff when I get out under the open sky.

I was thinking about what I’d written just yesterday; how I’d found a strength working in the picture frame shop and with the Ophthalmology group. That’s when God cleared his throat and casually mentioned: You’re still a Patient Counselor and a Designer.

Whoa, Lord! … I think I see what you mean! You’re the Great Physician. You seek out the sick and blind ones. You’ve put me in a position to mediate. Show gentle kindness, hold hands with those who are just trying to see better, get through the surgery, understand the benefits your insurance covers! Wow!

Then I paused, literally right in the middle of the street. Contemplative. Trying not to miss the message I was supposed to catch with the designer parallel.

Oh, yes… I see where I’m still putting mats and frames around beautiful pieces of artwork. The very “branding” of Chicks with Choices. Look. Tempo. Website image. Video Promotions. And the words on the page or those spoken are pieces of artwork coming from the source of your strength, wisdom, and purpose…

It was a beautiful moment. The front side glimpse of a gigantic tapestry pulled back for a moment in time. Just enough to bring sheer excitement to a future day in eternity when the fullness of His perfect will is revealed and we see how everything, even a little job in a frame shop twenty years ago was part of his perfect plan.

Before we move on can I pause here to say that you’re part of the tapestry too? It’s inter-woven. God has put a dream inside of you. It’s yours and no one else’s, but someday I think all of those God-directed dreams are going to be part of this giant tapestry.

Okay… back to that moment on my walk. Did I mention that the moment was just a glimpse? The sweetness lasted maybe ten minutes. 

The last line in the above quote by Robert Orben says, “The dreamers have already been there.” I get that but… “There” the dreamer cannot remain.

Dreams never become a reality without the days of drudgery. Without the work. Without the learning curve and the simple reality that we must act in order to get anything done.

Even though yesterday I hammered home the idea that we must work within our strength zone, dreams that are worth bleeding over will also require that we sweat from discomfort not just a bit but often.

We will need to live outside of our comfort zone. Here are 3 reasons why: 

1) Being uncomfortable keeps you grounded

Every single day for the past six years I have faced some kind of discomfort. How to blog. Build a website. Understand SEO, analytics, query letters, proposals, PIXresizer, hashtag, keywords… SO many days I am back in the parking lot of the business park afraid to get out of my car as a “salesman” because I will face rejection. No one will notice. There will be no readers, comments, speaking engagements, “likes.” In some ways I’m still alone in my car facing trepidation each time a take the risk to step out.

But truthfully, if I choose to look at it as such, this is a gift. I am reminded that I am small. I am ignorant. I am behind or out of touch.

I am nothing without the strength of Jesus.

This is a great, great place to be!

2) God becomes even bigger

Believe it or not, most of the branches that make up Chicks with Choices ministry I did not set out to achieve. They were birthed. Similar to when I was pregnant with my children. I had an idea about them, but I didn’t know them or how they would look until they were born. I’m really not smart enough to come up with most of what has transpired in six years. Through the process God has become creative, sometimes annoying, and so much larger than before.

2) You learn skills you’d never dream of learning

I named several learned skills under reason #1 with plenty more to learn. I wouldn’t know any of it, though, had I not embarked into the land of uncomfortable and unfamiliar. But it’s a waste if I’m only gaining knowledge for knowledge sake. Might the learning continue to change me and influence others?

John C. Maxwell says it better:

“Ordinary people can live extraordinary lives when they follow their dreams. Why do I say that? Because a dream becomes a catalyst to help people make important changes in their lives. You don’t just change who you are in order to live out your dream. You pursue your dream, and the process changes who you are and what you can accomplish. A dream is both a target and a catalyst.”

For this ministry, one catalyst is being formed within the branch of Coffeehouse Chats. In the vlog below I explain its history and future. The possibilities are endless (another future “place” this dreamer has already been). Two Chats are forming in the area where I live among women who have been influenced by attending Chicks with Choices and now feel the call to lead their own Chat.

Here’s what they say:

“My role is to invite women that I want to spend time with, learn from, and love more. I’m inviting them to my first gathering: Chai or Chores? Chooosing Friendship from Kim’s Relational Choices Curriculum. I’m letting them know this: Come as you are, in pj’s, hair all caddy-wampus, pillow crease marks on your face, or all dolled up. I will supply the coffee, mimosas, juice and muffins, and all you need to do is be open to conversation about women and friendship.” ~ Angie

“I’m excited to connect with women about choices that will shape their life journey, but in my excitement I also recognize that God is taking me out of my comfort zone. I’m the Chick who attends and loves to participate, not LEAD! This is a journey for me too, but I ready to follow where God is leading me.” ~ Amy

For more information about attending these upcoming Coffeehouse Chats in the Seattle area or to begin a Chat in your community please email me at: kimgalgano@chickswithchoices.com or visit my facebook page: www.facebook.com/chickswithchoices