Author, Katherine Scott Jones, and I share many memories. Music, not particularly one of them, but our twenty years friendship sounds like the best of harmonies. In this Sunday Reflection post I, therefore, feel led to ponder over my relationship with the author of Her Memory of Music before submitting my review on her debut novel.

As my neighbor at the time, I met Kathy in 1997 on the doorstep of her front porch. We became quick companions and it wasn’t long before our friendship was the kind where there is freedom to show up at any given moment to shoot the breeze and share a pot of tea. Kathy had a way of surfacing in my living room well before showers and clean up time. She’s surely seen me at my worst, and the most plausible candidate to guard toddlers while I rode out a panic attack in the ER. She even knew the sex of my daughter before I did (having gone to the ultrasound with me). It’s that kind of friendship.

We did day-to-day life together until my family and I moved 10 miles away. That’s all it takes. Our regular twenty pace pop-ins had to adjust, but, thankfully, we have made the effort to keep our harmony playing. The regular pots of tea among toddlers and plastic toys has morphed into irregular (long) lunches or dinners over spice and Pinot Noir, so I guess you could say we’ve matured.

But it wasn’t just neighborly kindness that cauterized our souls. Kathy and I share much more than front porches and dinners. To the onlooker, our twenty year alliance conceived, birthed, and grew seven healthy children between the two of us, along with each of our thriving marriages. Yet it is our love of story, words, and redemption that pumps the blood through our most common cord. For the two of us, we have conceived, birthed, and are now growing books, passions, business, and ministry. Our truest camaraderie is found in the illusive, burdensome struggle to persevere through rejection and doubt. What the onlooker sees as fidelity to friendship is really two authors who have prayerfully carried one another, while daily making the agonizing choice to persist in our call to write.

Therefore, it is with great honor that I present to you my dear friend’s debut novel, Her Memory of Music.

Unlike my non-fiction propensity, this fiction is the perfect combination of mystery, romance, and sensitive intricacies over difficult, real-life issues. Where my writing might require a journal and the difficult task of goal setting (which, let’s face it, feels tiring), Her Memory of Music propels you toward a cozy blanket on a slow-paced afternoon (because you won’t want to put the book down). Having said that, what Her Memory of Music, and my non-fiction, The Chance to Choose ,have in common is our universal struggle toward Spirit-led decision making.

Kathy has so skillfully developed characters who remind each of us that our conversation with God about our struggle with choice is paramount to our destined future. But this is not your typical Christian fiction which habitually over-simplifies life decisions. She deftly crafts the tension, labor, and complexity behind human story.

Three hundred and forty-one thrilling pages into Her Memory with Music, main character Rees asks, “What choice do I have? Her mind is made up, and I’m leaving for Mumbai in the morning.” This sentence encapsulates the book for me. Kathy does not shy away from desperate doubt, and impossibility on the complex subject of choice, especially within the context of relationship. Yet on the final page I am fueled by that eternal hope I cling to in the moments I choose to remember that God holds the ultimate plan, and that his promises are sure.


Helpful information for the next step:

A book review is pointless if it does not drive readers toward action. I am willing to give my 100% guarantee of this novel. If you make the choice to purchase Her Memory of Music, and are not fully satisfied at the final page, simply contact me and I’ll reimburse you for the book. Also, instead of directing you right to Amazon for your order, I would rather you visit the author first. Katherine Scott Jones is not only the author of this fiction, but is a skilled book recommendation blogger. Once you have finished her novel, you can look to her endorsement of other choice reads. She also blogs about literary tidbits (author interviews, and bookish news). To visit her website, simply click HERE.

Kathy also asked me to inform my readers that she is available for speaking events surrounding the difficult issues presented in Her Memory of Music. She is also available for an author chat over coffee with your book club, or group of friends. You can contact Kathy directly through her website for any of the above options. She will not disappoint! I can guarantee that too.

Happy reading…