The strength behind this book is in the realization that the power to choose is one of the greatest gifts we have been given.

Joshua Becker

Becoming Minimalist

The day is not too far away when Kim’s incredible story of redemption will be serious material for a motion picture.  Great movies are made from great stories,and this is one.

M. Allen Wilson

CEO & Producer, Chronicle Films/Lion Hound Productions

Kim Galgano has burst onto the scene to crush the safe, complacent, and luke-warm Christian life…

Nancy Stafford

Actress and Speaker

Kim, that eager young writer, is now a woman of influence, using her powerful story not just to make sense of it herself, but to bless others.

Heather Gemmen Wilson

Best Selling Author

“In an instant, I was pinned against the side of the wall, 15 isolated floors above the crammed city of New Delhi, with more force than I’d ever felt before. His dark, dry lips hammered against mine…..

Time froze.”

How could a homespun Pennsylvanian like me nearly be sold into the sex trade? That answer is found in 1,000 seemingly unimportant decisions.

But all too often we ignore our choices. how do you choose?

Within the pages of The Chance to Choose, an unfettered guide to remedy your indecisiveness awaits. Nestled in the Biblical book of Jeremiah lies an often overlooked verse containing a simple, flexible, and very powerful process for decision-making.

The Jeremiah Method ™ contains both structure and freedom, with pages of opportunity to piece together your personal transformation. May this be a safe place to fashion a course for the rest of your life, while learning to choose with confidence.

“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will have rest for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16 (NIV)

At long last, popular speaker Kim Galgano has captured in a book the essence of her message, which she’s delivered to captive audiences nationwide—The Chance to Choose: Become Who You Were Meant to Be Once Choice at a Time. More than a how-to, Kim’s book is a source of wisdom, a practical guide, and a font of encouragement from one who will quickly feel like a friend. It is for anyone who’s been privileged to hear Kim speak, plus women who wrestle with choice—past, present, and future; for those who even fear it. She comes alongside her readers to grapple with questions such as,

What if I choose badly? Is there any hope for redemption from my wrong choices? What if my choice is right for me but pains another? Delivered with trademark authenticity and humor, with hard-won wisdom and godly perspective, Kim offers readers guidance derived straight from the Author of all. Then she builds on this with sound counsel from a professional, as well as stories taken from the trials and triumphs of her own personal journey. It is perhaps these stories–which read like pages ripped from her private journal—that readers will find most fascinating as Kim recounts the “stranger than fiction” path of her own choices, and what she has learned along the way. The Chance to Choose is for any woman who has regretted a choice, longed for help in making a choice, and desired to choose more wisely from here on out.