How Do I Find Direction In The Chaos?

Kim Galgano is a speaker, author and decision-making coach dedicated to help you:

  • Live a productive and purposeful life by bringing awareness to daily choice.
  • Learn how to uniquely blend intangible faith with concrete, everyday decisions.
  • Recognize that some habits are thoughtlessly adopted from our families and/or culture, but don’t propel us towards the life we were meant to live.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of distractive online interaction and social media.
  • Live in a thriving, daily relationship with Jesus and discover true rest for your soul. 

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Coaching Tip #4: Wise Decision Making Might Mean Denial

Confession: I love myself a new outfit. New clothes are highly appealing to me, and with spring finally upon us the temptation for shopping is high. There is nothing wrong with this decision when the need is there, but the reality is that my closet is full and the budget is empty. It would not be wise for me to shop at this time. I must keep the adorable shirt on the rack.

Why is this such a hard decision sometimes?

I believe there are two factors at play.

First, I don’t like to deny my flesh once I’ve decided I like something. Yet all through the Bible I’m commanded toward self-denial, not self-fulfillment.

Second, a new, stylish outfit helps offset the dissatisfaction I feel inside. I am often not content and it plays out in wanting to feel “new” on the outside. But the outer should never replace the need for the inner. Wise decision making, when it comes to denying the flesh, leads me to focus on inner qualities that have eternal value.

It is who I am on the inside that should determine was choices I make with the outside, not vice versa.

How are you defining yourself?

Are you making choices from inner strength or outward temptation?

God does not define who you are by what you wear, or what you own. The greatest part of your attractiveness cannot be bought, or taken off the rack, or applied with lipstick. The greatest part of your attractiveness lies within. God sees what no one else can see and is the part of you He values the most. Remember that, first and foremost, especially when you approach the clothing racks this spring.


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