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After an intentional time of prayer and counsel with professionals, I am finally convinced that I am beyond qualified to coach with authority and wisdom. Following are the top 4 reasons that came from counsel I sought before adding this valuable service to my career:

1) I am qualified through the power of the Holy Spirit. I will not approach coaching sessions through arbitrary, mystical guesses, opinions, or feelings, but through acquired wisdom gained from over 25 years of walking closely in a relationship with Jesus Christ. With thousands of life coaches promoting a philosophy of “self-help” and/or “mindfulness”, my solid counsel, based on the tenets of the Christian faith, set me apart from the standard conditions within the field of coaching.

Having said that, I am also unique in my passionate awareness of the burden “religiosity” brings in achieving our individual goals. Legalism, along with too many (well meaning) Christian people have thwarted our God-given potential. Limiting beliefs that hold us back can stem from a man-made religion, just as much as it can come from worldly, off-based thinking.

I am determined to coach from a place of safety, openness, honest questioning, and divine wisdom that inspires my clients to reach their fullest potential. Life coaching is not about giving advice, but guiding clients to find the answers for themselves.

2) I am qualified through my tested, proven formula for decision making that also blends seamlessly into the universal practices of life coaching. The Jeremiah Method ™ can be applied to so many segments of our lives and has proven to be beneficial, not only in decision making, but also in measurable goal setting, which is often the focus of life coaching. For an overview on how The Jeremiah MethodTM is applied to my coaching system, click here.

3) I am qualified through 20+ years and thousands of women. Until now, I never formally referred to myself as a “life coach” and yet, this is exactly what I’ve been doing since the inception of Chicks with ChoicesTM. I have met with hundreds of women individually, and thousands more in group settings, by way of speaking engagements, or CoffeeHouse Chats ™.

CoffeeHouse Chats ™ has gone through many developmental stages, but its objective has always remained the same—to offer a safe space for women to blend the intangible concepts of faith into their daily decisions and life goals. Stay tuned as I work to develop CoffeeHouse Chats ™  into personal group coaching with me or trained leaders, as an alternative to individual coaching. CoffeeHouse Chats ™ will prove vital as our culture journeys toward a dangerously isolated existence due to technology which often separates us from face-to-face interaction.

4) I am qualified through overcoming life challenges with authenticity and courage. Bar none, the comment I hear the most from others is about my bravery. I don’t feel brave, but then again, we are not always the best judges of ourselves. My entire life story is found in my book, The Chance to ChooseTM, but the thumbnail is that I’ve gotten to the other side of substance abuse, abortions, broken relationships, feelings of unworthiness, people-pleasing sickness, career confusion and mistakes, debt, depression, and unmet expectations about my dreams and life goals. Life has taught me! And the more mistakes I make, the braver I become with a desire to teach others.

My husband asks me often, “What do you want most out of life?” For years now, my answer remains the same: I want to see women (including myself) become all we are created to be. I know this can be our reality! Bravery is within our reach. I am available to help you get started.

I look forward to partnering with you in this empowering, gospel centered approach to Professional Coaching. You can begin today by making the choice to change what has been holding you back from becoming all you were created to be! If you are interested in coaching with me, please email me using the contact form:



“…She has been coaching other toward better decisions for over 20 years! She has also honed, tested, and developed a unique coaching model in The Jeremiah Method ™…”

I can't wait to connect with you!

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