“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit,  no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.” Ronald Reagan


If we’re going to uncover the unique path we were meant to live, we’re going to have to crash through some walls.

Do you feel frustrated?


Do you lack the needed resources to go in the direction you wish to head?

Take a moment to address the walls you’ve erected and the limitations you’ve placed on your own abilities.

These walls surround us and they are closing in, unless we choose to do something about it! Either that or we become complacent in the enclosed space and then try to decorate our cramped quarters with something fancy.

My son, who’s a junior in high school, walked out the door this morning while I was shouting, “Break past some walls, Davis. Break past some walls!” We had just had a “checking in” conversation about school, over oatmeal and strawberries. His class load is ridiculous, but the hardest subject for him, by far, is pre-calculus. He was quick to flash the label, “I’m not good at math.” Inwardly, I’m thinking, he comes by it honestly, from both sets of parents, but, thankfully, my outward response was, “You are more capable than you can ever imagine. Don’t pin that label in your head. Break through that wall.”

Great, you say, but how do I break through my own walls?

First, name them.

Universally, we have many. Individually, I believe we have more. We trash talk. We self-doubt. Rarely, do we stop long enough to listen intently to the tape we play. Take some time to push pause. Write down the times when you feel limited and up against the brick wall. Go through the process of naming the pain or the cause for stopping at that spot over and over again. There are reasons and some of them go as far back as sixteen when you labeled yourself.

Second, take action.

Literally push into the wall until it breaks down. I realize that the visual of a human walking into a brick wall conjures up a level of idiocy, doesn’t it? “Stop hitting yourself against the wall,” we say. Shouldn’t we consider that responding this way,  all the time, is unwise advice. Sure, I understand the situations when someone is beating a dead horse, so to speak. This is not what I’m talking about. I’m advising that we keep persisting past our level of comfort. Past our fear and into our places of vulnerability.

These places feel like a wall. Brick and mortar don’t come down easily.

We just give up far too soon.

Third, trust the Holy Spirit to guide you where you’ve never gone before.

God is in the business of redeeming what was lost and anytime we stand before a wall that is not supposed to be there, that territory is lost space.

The Spirit takes us to reclaimed places. Bountiful, open, and full of hopeful anticipation.

I finished my manuscript this past Monday, September 8th, 2014. It was 4:27pm when I hit the send button to my designer. My book will reach the printer on October 6th, 2014 and on November 1st, All Saint’s Day, I will launch my much anticipated book, The Chance to Choose (stay tuned to how you can pre-order in the next few weeks).

The initial concept for The Jeremiah Method™, which is the matrix for a decision making process taught in my book, began roughly in September of 2007, but I’ve known that my heart-pumping story of redemption must be told since 2004. The Chance to Choose marries these two big ideas into a self-help memoir like none other on the market. I know the unheard voices, A project should never take this long. Move on! Get a real job. You’d be an asset to any company, but you’re wasting your time on this business. Many, many people would say that I’ve been beating my head against a wall.

No! I’ve just busted one down.




Photo Credit: Flickr (Creative Commons)