“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” ~John Joseph Powell


Yes, I’m a “hot mess” right now, but goodness…when we strip away all our outer attempts at having it “together”, aren’t we all a hot mess?

Sometimes an understanding hug is all we need and I’d love nothing more than an opportunity to reflect hope and encouragement into your spirit with a meet- up this weekend!

This is what excites me the most about the NW Women’s Show. In our little 10′ x 10′ booth we give women the freedom to release the pressure with warmth and a hug. We are not pushing product, but are available for conversation about faith and the everyday stress life throws at us. 

I am desperately trying to remember that Chicks with Choices is about connection and authenticity.

Until that time, however, we are in the muck and mire of technical details. This is when my conflicted personality goes to war with itself (more about that in Friday’s post and thanks for your patience as I’m one day off in blogging this week).

I’ll keep it simple today by answering these key questions:

Who can come to the show?

Women AND men! Weird, I know, but I was surprised by how many men were there last year (and children). Some women come with their husband (now THAT’s a good man), but many more come with their girlfriends for a day of shopping and fun. For information on location, ticket prices and show times click here for the official Northwest Women’s Show website.

Will I be speaking again this year?

Yes! Please join me either Friday from 1:30-2:00 or Saturday and Sunday from 2:3-3:00 at the Seminar Stage. I will be speaking on CoffeeHouse Chat Leadership and my passion to fight against isolation by inspiring women to get connected around the table again, one chat at a time.  

How are we approaching this year differently from last year?

The “One Thing” is our focus, therefore, my team and I are preparing a promotional package for potential CoffeeHouse Chat Leaders. If you’ve felt a tug in this direction, but want more information, training, and clarity, this is your year! Please stop by our booth and introduce yourself as the next  pacesetter for CoffeeHouse Chat Leadership. There were many of you in this catagory during last year’s show. Be sure to make yourself known and pick up a special gift from us.

How will this year be the same?

Availability. Warmth. Connection. And don’t forget our sustainable, repurposed booth of wood doors, pallets and greenery, lovingly designed to welcome you.

Like last year, we are also taking email addresses for a chance to win a Girlfriend Getaway weekend.

As a reader of this blog, this promotional is available to you whether you attend the show or not.

Simply register your email address into the box found at the top right of this post or click on any of our social media buttons just below. Promotional details  and requirements can be found by clicking here.

Also, March is our discount month for booking your next Girlfriend Getaway. Book your weekend in the next twelve days and receive up to 30% off, depending on group size. For details click here.

I really hope to see you this weekend! ~Kim


Photo credit: Flickr (Creative Commons)