How Do I Find Direction In The Chaos?

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  • Avoid the pitfalls of distractive online interaction and social media.
  • Live in a thriving, daily relationship with Jesus and discover true rest for your soul. 

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Are You Playing the Cards You’ve Been Dealt?

“Your current circumstances are part of your redemption story He is writing.”
Evinda Lepins

15530083033_8288703e51Photo Credit: Flickr (Creative Commons)

My mother-in-law slipped on the basement step and fractured her heel. Not a circumstances anyone asks for when the sun beckons us outside instead of limping from the couch to the portable commode. I called to check on the patient and the nurse–that would be my Dad.

He was surprisingly cheerful, as was she. He said, “We’ve decided that these are the cards we’ve been dealt, so we’re going to play them.” So simple. So profoundly logical. I can’t stop thinking about this one statement as I picture him caring diligently for his wife.

It is a reality check because so often I want to trade my hand for a better deal.

In fact, I’ve had the pleasant opportunity to play a fair amount of cards while on vacation and hanging out with friends this summer. I love cards because it’s fun and I usually win. But for whatever reason, I’ve been losing. I’ve actually lost the last dozen times I’ve played. It’s becoming a rather sick, repetitive joke that others like to laugh about at my expense.

I have a decision to make. Will I play the cards I’ve been dealt?

Maybe that’s been my biggest issue over the past year. I want a better hand–at least the hand I believe is better. Don’t many of us live this way, and then get ourselves in trouble by this faulty thinking? …It could be better if… just waiting for a better hand…

It’s no way to live life. My Dad’s statement is miraculous, really!

“This is the hand we’ve been dealt. We’re going to play it.”

How about you? Waiting for another hand? Maybe it’s time to play the one you’ve been dealt. Me too.


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